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  A dedicated team of Internet marketing professionals with unparalleled expertise in the industry.

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  Cutting-edge internet marketing technologies used by over 10,000 Internet marketing service providers

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  For over 10 years of helping businesses online we have emerged as leaders in the industry.

As you know we spend almost $100,000 per month on Pay Per Click (PPC) engines. Managing Yahoo! plus 7 other PPC engines with the 100+ keywords was a very time consuming and tedious task until we purchased Bid Maximizer for Yahoo! and Bid Maximizer Advance. These products perform unbelievably well saving me numerous hours per week. More time is always good but the fact that I am also spending less money on advertising and generating higher sales on the money I spend, is a major bonus.
Internet Marketing Manager
$100m On/Off-line Direct Retailer
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PPC BidMax 5 Product Comparison

  Evaluation Standard Professional Corporate
Price *US$
FREE /Month or /Year /Month or /Year /Month or /Year
Additional Keywords Price *$US

*In addition to the subscription price
N/A + $10 per 500 Keywords + $20 per 2500 Keywords N/A
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Engine Updates
Version Upgrades
30 Day Trial for evaluation purposes
Individual users or Small Home Business who want to manage a campaign
Small to Medium businesses who want to manage several PPC accounts
Internet Marketing Agencies to customise reports and manage PPC projects
General Features
Standard Number of Keywords
Emailing Reports
Technical Support
Basic Support
High Priority
Setup an PPC Account with PPC BidMax™
1. Create account in PPC BidMax
Select the search engine which you advertise with. BidMax offers Google, Yahoo, MIVA, soon to have MSN and many more
Add Login details of your PPC account
Setup your bidding strategy for the account – Max Bid, Min Bid, Target Position, Destination URL
ROI tracking (ROAS and CPA)
Setup auto bidding schedule
Choose offline days/time functions for your PPC Account
Select various campaigns for the one account to manage.
Setup Emailing report information
2. Load your campaigns to PPC BidMax
One-click to load all keywords and campaigns from your search engine accounts.
LookUp current position of all keywords in the account
Manage your PPC Account with PPC BidMax™
3. Keyword Level Management – Keyword Property Changes
Change Bid Limit for one or more keywords: Upper & Lower Cost-Per-Click
Edit destination URL for one or more keywords
Set desired keyword position by target or best value
Set AutoBid Scheduling for one or more keywords
Add and update keyword variations: prefix & suffix phrases and broad match.
Selecting ROI Bidding rules for one or more keywords (CPA or ROAS Bidding)
Competitor URL Bidding Strategy settings for keywords
Lookup current position of one or more keywords
Update changes to engine database
Add or Delete keywords and update search engine
4. Campaign Level Management
Review the summary of the campaign by individual keywords, AdGroups.
Load Keywords for the Campaign from the engine
Activate or Pause the Campaign or individual AdGroups
Edit Campaign Settings – Name, Daily Budget, Advertising type
Add AdGroups to the Campaign, include ad. Creative
Get keyword Forecast
Generate analytical reports at Campaign Level and for one or more AdGroup
5. Reporting that will show the ROI Performance of your account
Generate reports daily, weekly, monthly or between specific dates
Reporting at Keyword, AdGroup, Campaign or Account levels
Generate reports in HTML, Excel, Text format
Analyse your progress through History Record Charts
Automated Email reports to clients
Customise Private Label Report
6. Manage your API Quota (*for Google Adwords only)
Generate Stats for a specifics dates
View the API Quota Summary and breakdown of costs
Additional Tools PPC BidMax™ Offers You
7. Keyword Builder and Converter – advertise keywords that will drive quality traffic to your website
Research keywords that your customers are searching
Change Match Types to have quality keywords in your campaign – “Phrase Match ”, [Exact Match], Broad Match
Export your keywords and backup your campaigns
Optimize selected keywords for bidding
8. Additional Tools to help create a successful PPC Campaign
Add your competitors URL to view where they show up in the Sponsored Searches
Checkout the Market State of particular keywords
9. Improve ROI and Campaign Monitoring – ROI Builder Tool (*required subscription to SiteStats)
Analyzing Web Traffic (Unique Visitors, Visits, Page Views, etc.)
Analyzing Visitor Behavior (Content Preferences, Navigation Paths, Repeat Visits etc)
Analyzing Sources of Traffic (Referrers, Websites, Search Engines and Keywords)
Analyzing Advertising (Response, Actions, ROI, etc.)