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  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Solutions to common issues in using PPC BidMax™. The Ultimate PPC Pay Per Click Bid Management Software. Manage your keyword bidding for Google Adwords, Overture and ALL major PPC Pay Per Click search engines including Google Adwords and Overture, maintaining your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs.

»Can you set the maximum amount for the bidding so I don�t over bid too much?
»Why is my Autobid is not adjusting the bids correctly?
»How to set up Bid Max to run in scheduler mode?
»A detailed explanation on the interface for the PPC BidMax.
»Understanding how BidMaximizer works (the main purpose of PPC BidMax)
»Does BidMaximizer support ROI (ROAS or CPA) bidding facility?
»Is BidMaximizer �ROI Builder� feature compatible with any 3rd party Site Analysis tools?
»How to create tracking strings for my URL using BidMaximizer �ROI Builder� ?
»In the "NewBid" column I see Light Green or Light Yellow color or Normal, what does this mean?
»What is the difference between "Update" and "Auto Bid"?
»What is the difference between the Bidding Levels of �Aggressive�, �Normal�, �Conservative� and �By Preserved Bid Value�?

»What happens if I can�t connect to Search Engines after i create my Bid Max account in the program?
»What�s the relationship between Apex Pacific and Dynamic Software
»PPC BidMax version 5.1 update
»How Google AdWords and Yahoo work?
»I have installed the software and run the program, only the splash screen appears.... the program doesnt launch...What is the problem?
»How Do I Backup and Restore my PPC BidMax Account Settings and Data?

Google and Yahoo
»Why my position is not showing up on Google Adwords or why the �Current Position� is blank?
»How does Bid Max� control my position on Google Adwords / Yahoo Search Marketing?
»How do I make my ads appear more often?
»Understand how Bid Max� works with Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing
»How quick can Bid Max� achieve my Target Position?
»My Target Position is #1, I run Bid Max� once, but it does not change my position to #1, why? (I just start to use Bid Max� for my Google Adwords and I want to be #1 position. I run the AutoBid, but my ad still stay on #5, why?)
»Most of my keywords have a #1 position before using Bid Max�, after using Bid Max�, some positions have dropped, why?
»How can BidMaximizer save money for me for Google Adwords?
»Is Bid Max� able to import �Adgroups� into my account? (Or can I create new AdGroups with Bid Max�?)
»What are the advantages of "Bid Max�" ?
»Why is on some of the keywords, the "Current Position" blank ?
»When bidding, can I update bids based on anything other than "position (average/current)" ?
»How to make sure your keywords are on the first page of Google search?
»How to improve your ad quality and optimize your ads?
»How do I autobid more than once per day? I don�t see a value less than 24 hour. What do I do?

Google API
»What is Google Adwords API?
»What is the correct Google API Token?
»Use the correct login Email and Password for your account
»I try to login from BidMaximizer but it is failed. Now, my account has been blocked by Google, what should I do?
»Do I have to use Google API Token?
»What does "Get Campaigns failed - you have reached your call quota" mean?
»How can I apply for API and Application tokens?
»Can you give some advise how to save on "API Quota charges" ?
»What does �This account has reached its user specified budget� mean?
»What is the Google Adwords API Rate sheet?
»When i set up my Google Account in Bid Max or try to load my information from the PPC server into the program, i get an error "get campaign failed:User information pending approval", What does this mean?
»How do I use my own Google API token on PPC BidMax?

»What�s LookSmart API Token?

Manage Keywords
»How to generate relevant keywords from search engines?
»How do I set individual property for each keyword?
»How does the keyword limit apply in each version of the Bid Maximizer?
»My software is constantly freezing. I have to shut it down and then open it back up for it to work, but even then, it only will work ok for a few hours then i have to do everything all over again.
»Does PPC BidMax handle click fraud?
»How do I do a bulk/multiple edit on the Keywords property?
»I am currently unable to see any new campaign information.When I click Get account data it seems to be loading normally but the new campaigns don�t appear. What should I do?

PPC Engines
»What PPC engines does Bid Maximizer support?
»Are there any plan to expand the number of engines currently supported by PPC Bid Maximizer?
»Does BidMax allow cross search engine "account" import? (Can BidMax grab all the campaigns and adgroup data from Google and create the same Campaign, Adgroup and keywords on Yahoo! account?)

»How do I customize the keyword report with my company detail?
»How many report types does PPC BidMax have?
»After loading my MSN Adcenter account into Bid Max, my account data (clicks, impressions etc) is different that MSN Adcenter web interface. Why is that?
»How to Customize the "Report Column" ?
»How to Apply Margin/Mark Up to the Performance Report ?
»How Do I Schedule the Performance Report ?
»How do I change the "Report Period" for the statistical Data on Keyword/Campaig/AdGroup ?

»How to set up the PPC Bid Max?
»Will firewall or anti-virus software affect the running of Bid Maximizer?
»When i try to install your program(s), i get the following error, "A previous program installation was never completed. You need to restart your computer to complete that installation before running Internet Explorer Setup. Setup will now close. "
»I want to move my program to another computer but i don�t want to loose any of my account data/settings in the program. How can i do this?
»Create New Account - Download my PPC data from the search engine to create it in PPC Bid Max 5.0
»Creating a new Account in PPC Bid Max 5.0
»Create New Account- Convert / Import Campaign(s) from another PPC account in PPC Bid Max 5.0
»Create New Account - Create new campaign(s) on the Search Engine - PPC Bid Max 5.0

Version 5.1 Upgrade
»What�s New in v5.1?
»Is this upgrade is a compulsory?
»is upgrade is FREE?
»Do I lost my account data in V5.1?
»I have 100's of accounts under V5.0, do I need to re-set up the account again?

»Does PPC BidMax support Yahoo! Search Marketing?
»What information is given in "Forecast data" and what is it used for in Bid Maximizer ?
»How does the "Bidding Algorithm" works for Yahoo! in Bid Max?
»Bid Amount and Ad Quality will Determine an Ad�s Rank in Search Results Beginning February 5 2007 in the U.S.
»I am using the trial version of the program, when i set up a Yahoo Panama account in Bid Max, i can not see any of my keywords, but i can see my Campaings and Adgroups. Why can't i see my keywords?
»What is Account ID and Master Account ID and where can i find these when i am creating Yahoo! Search Marketing Account under PPC Bix Max 5.0 or above ?
»Why my keywords have been rejected by Yahoo! ?