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As you know we spend almost $100,000 per month on Pay Per Click (PPC) engines. Managing Yahoo! plus 7 other PPC engines with the 100+ keywords was a very time consuming and tedious task until we purchased Bid Maximizer for Yahoo! and Bid Maximizer Advance. These products perform unbelievably well saving me numerous hours per week. More time is always good but the fact that I am also spending less money on advertising and generating higher sales on the money I spend, is a major bonus.
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$100m On/Off-line Direct Retailer
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SEO Suite
SEO Suite v8.0 is a high level SEO Project Management Software which contains all the SEO functions to assist you in optimizing your or your clients� website to achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Site Statistics Package
Dynamic SiteStats Cost Retrieval - A real time web site statistics analysis system tracks online marketing performance, calculate the ROI of your paid search campaigns(PPC) for each distinct keyword. Cut your marketing costs while increasing revenue.

SEO Software

PPC Bid management software for Google Adwords

PPC Bid management software for Yahoo and MSN

Email marketing software

Search engine submission software

Web ranking software

Email Validator

Internet marketing suite

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Please visit our internet marketing Blog for latest articles and news on internet marketing and web promotion, include search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), Pay Per Click Online Advertising(PPC), Email Marketing, and web site statistic. You will find all the information and technique on how to promote your business online successfully.

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